7 Day Spring Cleaning Checklist - Deep Clean In One Week

7 Day Spring Cleaning Checklist – Deep Clean In One Week

As we move into Spring, Beckham Heating & Air is here to help you get ahead of your spring cleaning with a handy step-by-step guide! A clean home is important for maintaining a healthy environment for your family – especially during allergy season! Check out this seven-day spring cleaning checklist to easily and thoroughly clean your home in one week! 

Day 1

Beginning day one, start in the kitchen with wiping and cleaning counters, scrubbing your oven, and wiping down cabinets and floors. Be sure to vacuum afterwards, as you don’t want those particles to be recirculated or spread throughout your home. Go through your pantry and fridge and throw out any old food, sauces, snacks, empty boxes, etc. Don’t forget to dust the very top of your cabinets, the light fixtures, and the tops of your door frames. 

Last, do the remaining obscure tasks like washing the dirty dishes, refilling your spice jars, changing light bulbs, changing the filter in the fridge, wiping out the inside of cabinets, and organizing dishes. Then, light a candle and enjoy your clean kitchen from afar! 

Day 2

Day two should be spent cleaning bedrooms, including dusting your ceiling fans, wiping down baseboards, and cleaning off window sills. While you’re doing this, be sure to check your windows for cracks or gaps that could be letting air in or out. This can cause uncomfortable temperatures, uneven humidity levels, and increased energy bills. Get those fixed before the spring and summer heat arrives. 

Cleaning your bed is your next step. Be sure to wash all bedding – sheets, pillowcases, and comforters or duvets. Go ahead and throw any blankets, towels, and dirty clothes in the washer as well.

Day 3

Day three is perfect for tackling your living room and any home office spaces or additional ‘hangout’ areas. A thorough dusting of fans, shelves, electronics, and other flat surfaces will go a long way toward removing airborne contaminants from your home. Be sure to vacuum these rooms AFTER dusting! You can also shampoo your couches or chairs, and do a general de-cluttering since living areas tend to get a little messy. Wash blankets and pillows/pillowcases in these rooms as well.

Day 4

Day four is bathroom day! While you should probably be cleaning your bathrooms every week or more, today is the day for a DEEP clean! Bathrooms are harbor places for bacteria, so making sure they’re clean can help in improving your indoor air quality. Disinfect and sanitize all surfaces in the bathroom, including the toilets, tubs, showers, and countertops. Then, mop your floors and clean your mirrors, and take out the trash. If you want to get super clean, empty the cabinets and vacuum or scrub out the insides, and wash the inside of your trash cans. Squeaky clean!

Day 5

On day five, we’ll be focusing on the laundry room. Clean your machines, the washer (top loader or front loader) and dryer, and be sure to check your hoses and lint traps. Dust the whole room, reorganize, and vacuum every inch possible. Dust and allergens like to build up in the laundry room and recirculate throughout your home. When the laundry room is clean, you’re off to a great start on getting your air quality under control.

Day 6

Day six is garage day! Not so much cleaning, but reorganizing. It may be worth it to invest in some shelving to organize and store your holiday decorations, car washing materials, cleaning equipment, outdoor games, chairs, tents, and more. Once everything is cleaned and organized, give the floors a good sweeping so you’re not tracking dirt and other allergens into your home from the garage.

Garage day is also a good day to check your HVAC system(s), and if there is any issue, call Beckham Heating & Air at 912-264-2159. We specialize in air conditioner, heat pump, and furnace maintenance, repair, and installation. If your system is underperforming, don’t hesitate to reach out. We will get the job done right for you and your home! 

Day 7

Our final day, day seven, is all about household maintenance. Inside the home, clean your door thresholds, check your seals on windows and doors, clean your air vents, and replace your air filter(s). Outside, you should pressure wash your house (if that is an option), clean off your outdoor HVAC system, and check your roof for any damage or deterioration. This will ensure no issues arise in the future, and will keep your system operating at a higher efficiency. You can also find more information on our website, and see what Beckham Heating & Air can do to make your maintenance needs easier for you. 

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