7 Ways to Have Fun and Stay Cool this Summer

7 Ways to Have Fun and Stay Cool this Summer

Are the kids out of school and driving you crazy? Take a break with them and try some fun summer activities. After all, this is the best time of the year to get outside and get active! We’ve put together a list of kid-friendly activities to help everyone stay cool while having a bunch of fun both outside and inside this season. 

Water Gun Battle

A great way for your kids to socialize and get active outside is a friendly water gun battle! Invite the neighbors, some friends, or family over to indulge in this ~cool~ activity. Although you might get hot running around, the water will cool you down! Adults can relax and watch from afar or join in the action too! For especially hot days, spray the kids with the hose as they run by or have the sprinklers going in the yard.

Slip and Slide

On the theme of water activities, a slip and slide in your backyard is a perfect way to stay cool on especially hot days with just minimal effort! Set up a store-bought slip and slide or use a soaped-up tarp and hose to create the perfect family activity. You can even make the slip and slide into a neighborhood gathering by playing some music and inviting other families to join in. Remember to check the yard for rocks first so no one gets hurt!

Cold Drinks

No matter what activities you partake in this summer, you can never go wrong with adding in some cold drinks! Smoothies, juices, and milkshakes are so fun to make and get creative with that you could even dedicate a whole activity to just making them. To help get you started, we’ve included links to some of our favorite refreshing smoothie and juice recipes for hot summer days.

Indoor Arcades

Summer is the perfect time to visit an arcade with your kids and family friends, especially since the air conditioning will be blowing! Let them run around and play games, win prizes, eat fun food, and have a blast all day long. Plus, you get to hangout in the cool air and stay out of the blazing sun for a day! 


If you love the hot weather and spending time in the sunshine, heading to the beach might be a better option for you! Brunswick is just a short trip from St. Simon’s Island and Jekyll Island, two great beaches to visit on a hot day! If you’re not looking to make a trip, visiting a local beach area or lake is a great daytime activity that will keep you cool while still being out in the sun. 


When the weather is just too hot to get outside, going to a local movie theater to see a new release is a great way to escape out of the heat and into another world! If the cinema isn’t your thing, create your own movie experience at home by shutting off all the lights and drawing the blinds, turning up the air conditioning, and popping some popcorn to enjoy one of your favorite classics in the comfort of home. 

Get AC Repair

It’s hard to stay cool in the summertime without a functioning AC system! Before you go off and enjoy your summer activities, check and make sure that your home comfort systems will be effectively and efficiently running when you get home. For maintenance or repairs, or even to get your system replaced totally, contact Beckham Heating & Air and let one of our technicians come and help you right away. 

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