Fun Activities for a cold winter day

Stuck Inside On A Cold Winter Day? Try These Fun Activities!

When it’s just too cold to go outside and you’ve got the whole day to yourself, it can be hard to not get bored! But don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas for fun activities to do if you’re stuck inside on a cold winter day. 

Netflix Watch Party 

If you’re a TV type of person, a cold winter day is the perfect time to catch up on the show that you’re currently watching, or to start a new one! If you have the Netflix streaming platform, a fun extension you can download is the Netflix Watch Party, so that you and and your friends in different houses can watch any show together at the same time, as well as have a chat to discuss the show while you’re watching! If you have kids in the home, this feature is also available for Netflix Kids, so they can watch while they talk to their friends watching the same show too. It’s the perfect way to keep the whole family entertained, as well as connect socially while staying inside this winter.

fun activities for a cold winter day at home

DIY Winter Decorations

While the “holiday season” might be over and all your decorations are off the wall, you can still make your home feel fun and festive with Valentine’s Day decorations, or winter themed DIY crafts! This activity is perfect for kids of all ages, as well as adults. Check out some of our favorite DIY winter decorations, and when you’re done have the whole family put them up around the house! These activities can entertain the family all day, and putting them up proudly only adds to the fun. If you’re already excited for the Valentine’s Day festivities, we’ve included some fun ideas of decorations for the season of love!

Puzzles or Group Games

A great way to enjoy your time inside and off the screens is to work on a puzzle! Puzzles that have 1,000-2,000 puzzles are perfect for a whole-day activity that will keep the kids and everyone occupied and entertained for hours on end. With some of your favorite music on the speakers and some yummy snacks, puzzles are a fun way to focus, stay engaged, and keep your brain working too. 

If you are in the winter spirit, you can complete a snowy scene puzzle, or work on any designed puzzle that you have around the house! If you’re interested in a more competitive activity, board games are a perfect way to engage everyone and have the same technology-free fun. You can even make a board game tournament to extend the fun all day. 


A perfect way to end a day inside is to try out a new baking recipe! Nothing is more cozy on a winter day than a warm treat to enjoy while watching your favorite show or spending time with friends and family in the evening. There are countless recipes that you can try out, or make a classic or family favorite. From cookies to pies, you can make super sweet treats or opt for healthier options such as sugar free banana bread and protein bites. 

Stay Comfortable

However you choose to enjoy your day inside, make sure the interior of your home is heated properly to protect you from the frigid temperatures. If your furnace or heat pump is exhibiting strange behavior and might need repairs to keep you toasty inside, call Beckham Heating and Air at 912-624-2159

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