Keeping Your Home & Pets Healthy & Happy This Summer

Keeping Your Home & Pets Healthy & Happy This Summer

If you have a pet, you likely treat them like family; letting them roam through the house, watch TV on the couch, and even sleep in the bed with you. However, when summer comes around, there are certain steps you should take to maintain the health of your pets and your own home! Follow these steps for keeping your home and pets healthy and happy this summer!

Be Strategic with Walks

Stay smart with your pets to keep them out of harm’s way during the summer, starting with their time outside. For days when it’s especially hot and humid, remember that your pets might have a heavy coat that’s making them even more toasty! Walk them earlier in the morning for their daytime walks, and later at night when it’s a bit cooler and the sidewalks aren’t emitting more heat. Avoid walking them on hot roads and pavement, as this could burn their paws. If your pet is doing a lot of walking in the heat, clean off their paws with a damp towel to get rid of excess dirt and cool them down. If you have to walk in the middle of the day, walk them on the grass or find a location with lots of shade.

Keep Your Home Clean

Try to control the cleanliness of your home with daily vacuuming and dusting. Although springtime is the strongest shedding season for many dogs, many will continue to shed into the summer, leaving loads of hair around your house. As much as we love our furry friends, we don’t need their presents all over the home! Your pets’ bowl and bed might collect a lot of hair too, so they’re sure to appreciate a regular tidying and cleaning as well.

Invest In Air Purification

Make sure you and you and your pets are safe from harmful pollutants circulating through your home with an air purifier! As much as we love them, dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs release dander from their coats into the air in your home, which can lead to increased allergies. An air purification system will also keep your home free from chemicals and pollutants that can get inside through combustion appliances, cleaning products, and materials outside. An air purification system keeps the air in your home cleaner and safer to breath for your whole family, including your pets!

Stay Hydrated!

Drinking water is always important, but especially in the summer months when it’s hot out. Keep your pet’s water bowl filled throughout the day and make sure it’s in a cool and calm area so that they are encouraged to drink freely. Leaving stagnant water out for pets can allow it to become stale or even collect dust, and your pets deserve clean and cool water just like us.

Get a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Daily vacuuming can be quite time consuming and exhausting between work, taking care of the family, and of course spending quality time with our furry friends. A good investment for the summer is a robotic vacuuming device that can stay on during the day and can collect shedding residue, dust, dirt, food scraps, and anything else you’d like off the floor.

Maintain Your Pet’s Coat

Brush and bathe your pet regularly to keep their coat shiny and light and to reduce shedding. Also, you never know what your pet is digging up and rolling around in outside, and you might not want any of that on the couch or near young kids. Keeping your pets groomed will also keep them cool and comfortable as the weather gets hotter.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining a comfortable home is important for the happiness of everyone who lives inside, and it starts with HVAC maintenance! When you’re a part of an HVAC maintenance plan with a professional HVAC company, you can rest easy in a comfortable and healthy home, knowing your HVAC needs are being taken care of. Call a professional technician before you and your pets are sweating (or panting) inside this summer!  

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