Tips for Supporting Small Businesses In Coastal GA

Tips for Supporting Small Businesses In Coastal GA

Small businesses give character and personality to every town, from retail stores to local restaurants. They are also some of the most important parts of our economy, so show your town’s small businesses some love this summer! Here are some ways to easily support small businesses in the coastal GA area including Brunswick, Darien, St. Simon’s Island, Jekyll Island, and surrounding areas!

Shop Local

The most basic and impactful way to support small businesses in your city or town is to shop locally! Find the little stores around your neighborhood or in the downtown area that are not big name brands. You might find more niche products or branch out of your comfort zone with these stores, but it is certainly rewarding knowing you are supporting your community! Shopping at any local place, from a health and wellness shop to a boutique, makes a huge difference. Shopping local also means using local services like lawn services, plumbers, and HVAC companies.

Engage on Social Media

Another great way to support small businesses is to interact with their social media, or even post about their store on your own social media pages! This helps get smaller and lesser-known businesses more visibility and recognition, therefore bringing them more business. You can support them through social media by liking or commenting on their posts, sharing their posts, sharing your own experiences with their products or services, or leaving them a Facebook review!

Attend Events 

Some small businesses will host events to help get their name out there or just advertise whatever they sell. Whether this is an art show, a charity event or sponsorship, be at the event to show your support. You can learn more about the company at these events, and of course enjoy yourself while you’re there. Many times you can also get free information, discounts, or samples from local businesses around the community.

Refer Family

If you’ve had a positive experience or know someone who did at a small business in your area, spread the word! Let family and friends know about the place and encourage them to try it out. Word of mouth is still a leading way for small businesses to gain popularity and customer bases, and it also helps them out because it’s a free form of advertisement! 

Buy Gift Cards

You can help small businesses by buying gift cards and using them as birthday and holiday presents for family and friends. This ensures a solid amount of business going to the store and encourages others to try it out and engage with their products. 

Sign up for Newsletters

As small of a gesture as it might be, signing up for a small business’s newsletter shows your support and lets them know you love their brand! These are also great for notifying you about special promotions, discounts, coupons and more which are the perfect incentives for shopping.

Write a Review

Leaving positive comments and reviews on search engines for small businesses in your area makes a HUGE difference for them! This is especially true if they are a newer business or have lots of competitors. A good review score on search engines could make the difference between attracting customers or not, especially if they’re a service-based business. 

Order Online

A great way to support small businesses if you can’t make it there in person is to order online from them, or schedule service. This generates revenue for the businesses and makes it super easy to support them right from your home. 

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